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Architectural Services

The following is a typical list of services we provide. Depending on the type and  complexity of your project some or all of the listed services may be required.

We are very flexible regarding the services provided and will tailor a package to suit your needs once some initial research has been done to determine the design parameters and regulatory processes which must be satisfied and the scope of work required.

Initial Pre-design Consultation:

To understand your requirements and provide professional advice on how to maximise the potential of  your site or building or the qualities needed if looking to purchase a site.

Site Investigation & Research:

It is imperative that we know as much about the site and its surroundings as possible. This includes any existing buildings, soil tests, land surveys, title searches, services research and previous  building permit searches . The degree of investigation required is usually in proportion to the size of the structure envisaged.

Feasibility Study:

Once a vacant site or existing building is found determine its viability to accommodate your physical and budget requirements.  This is done in conjunction with analysis of Council zoning and land use requirements, site and surrounding area conditions, block plans and estimates of probable cost.  A Quantity Surveyor is sometimes engaged at this stage for larger projects.

Architectural Design:

Once the above parameters are known the Architectural design process can begin.  Sketch plans and elevations are developed and reviewed until your requirements are satisfied within the confines of the various regulatory constraints that will vary for each project.

Town Planning Applications:

Preparation of written reports and submissions for Council Planning Permit Applications with 2 dimensional architectural presentation drawings and preparation of 3 dimensional computer models and renderings depending on the complexity and size of the development.  

Ongoing consultation with Council Planning  Departments.

Typically single dwellings or alterations and additions to single dwellings do not require Council Planning Permits.  They do, however require a Building Permit.

Coordinate Secondary Consultants:

Most projects require the input of Secondary consultants such as Geotechnical Engineers, Energy Rating Consultants, Structural & Civil Engineers, Land Surveyors, Landscape Designers and sometimes Mechanical & Electrical Engineers.  We will advise on Consultant requirements and coordinate their work with ours.  We have a range of external Consultants we use and are also happy to work with a Consultant of your choice.

Contract & Building Permit Documentation:

Further develop sketch or Town Planning Permit plans to working drawings which will enable the project to be tendered and built as well as a Building Permit obtained.  This is an important stage as all the information required to produce a successful end result must be conveyed to the Builder.  The drawings are also part of the Building Contract and along with the specification set out the quality and quantity of work to be performed.

Tendering and Negotiation:

Run a competitive tender process to obtain “apples for apples” quotations from Builders we know or your own Builders and negotiate a final agreed contract and amount.

Contract Administration

Administer the building contract including site visits, payment certifications, contract variations defects lists and issuing of final certificates.